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For that test, I got Ninja Sennin

30% Strength, 12% Bloodlust, 20% Intelligence, 38% Spirit, 32% Vitality and 58% Agility!

The Ninja Sennin

Ninja Sennin are able to become one with nature and absorb the energy of the world around them to enhance their strength, stealth, and agility. By becoming one with nature, the Ninja Sennin are able to feel, connect with, and channel the lifeforce of all living creatures surrounding them, thus raising their senses, powers, and abilities to godly levels. Ninja Sennin often have some skill with the basic elements though certainly not as much as the spellcaster classes. Usually, Ninja Sennin have a natural affinity for one or two different elements and will try to train those exclusively. However, by combining their weak elemental magic with their own energy and the energy of the world around them, they can create devastatingly powerful techniques and spells that no other class can perform. Their stealthiness and formidable power may make them seem like dark and ferocious foes, but deep down they are often truly benevolent and wise; however, Ninja Sennin that cannot control any darkness and hate within them will certainly fall into madness and chaos. Those who can master this darkness will know what it means to be truly alive and at peace with the world.

Very cool!

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No but like I’m really excited for that fucking League video because CHAMPIONS LIKE AHRI AND LEONA INTERACTING IS WHAT I FUCKING LIVE FOR

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Annnnnnnnd fuck today

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The Mass Effect 3 OST gives me way too many emotions


Hour early to work, but still didn’t have enough time to go home and grab my boots holla


I really hate it when I post a question thing at night and then someone gives me numbers, and then I can’t answer them at work!

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Lovely trip with my fiancée andybootybeard and her family to the Berkshires! Very pretty!

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Questions from Zee! 

From this post to be exact!

Again, everyone I would tag has already been tagged (and I’m a lazy shit).

1. Favourite fantasy race?
I’d say Dwarves for medieval settings, or Drell in the Mass Effect universe. The Dwarves beards and gung ho attitude always makes me laugh, and the Drell… are just really interesting.

2. If you were an ice cream what flavour would you be and why?
Mint Chocolate chip because… it’s my favorite? I don’t have anything clever here.

3. What song most represents your life right now or the way you feel?
Not sure D:

4. What Hogwarts House do you think you belong in?
Hufflepuff, no question there

5. If you were stranded on a desert Island with only one fictional character to keep you company, who would you choose?
Probably a survival expert, I’d say, I’m not very good at that. Maybe Nathan Drake?

6. Have you ever wished upon a star? Would you?
Yes, I have. I don’t really do it anymore.

7. What mythical creature would you most want to keep as a pet?
Probably a little pet dragon

8. If you had to get a tattoo right now- where would you get it and whatwould it be of?
I’d get one of my first characters I was really proud of, Sanaz, and probably on my arm somewhere.

9. You have to marry the protag of the last game you played- who are they and how do you feel about this?
My femshep. And, well, except for the fact that I’m marrying Andrea, it’d be pretty cool.

10. In an ideal world where you had unlimited money, resources and time- what would you cosplay as?
Garrus Vakarian!